About Me

As a researcher and educator, I seek to understand more about youth digital media production in order to amplify youth voices and provide youth authentic audiences for their work. As a researcher, this means investigating collaborative production processes and understanding the role of discourse and feedback as a means to enhance production. As an educator, this means working with youth to produce digital journalism and creative videos about their community, their lives, and the issues of importance in their lives. 

During my time in Wisconsin, I’ve had the privilege to work with youth across the state who are producing digital media learning more about the role of collaboration, innovation, and feedback in the video production process. This work has only heightened my interests in digital production processes, digital storytelling, and critique practices. My current research stems from this inquiry in naming the critique practices youth engage in throughout the video production process and understanding how youth use peer feedback to revise their work. As composition is a highly social process, this inquiry is essential in understanding how youth navigate composition techniques in an increasingly connected world.