Research Interests

My research interests include youth digital production processes, digital storytelling, and critique practices. I explore the organic collaborative composition processes youth engage in while creating digital media.

Youth Critique Processes

My current research stems from my work with Click, a youth digital media network started with a partnership between Wisconsin Public Television Education (WPT) and the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin Madison, a professional community of educators and students across the state who are working to improve digital storytelling and digital media production.

I spent significant time at three Click sites, researching the critique practices, both formal and informal, that youth engage in throughout the production of video. Through observations, video recording, interviews, and artifact analysis, I analyze the language youth use to talk to their peers about their work and ask the following questions:

  • What types of critique are youth engaging in during digital media production?
  • Why do students seek out critique?
  • How and when do youth participate in critique while producing digital media?
  • How do youth use the critique practice to revise their work?